The Longest In-N-Out Drive-Thru Lines, As Seen From Space

We hear that In-N-Out is a very popular burger-slinging establishment. We’ll take its fans at their word, because we don’t believe in leaving the East Coast. What we do know is that the combination of tasty burgers and car culture leads to such long drive-thru lines that you can see them from space.

(Foodbeast/Google Earth)

(Foodbeast/Google Earth)

Well…from the mapping satellite images available through Google Earth, at least.

We don’t know what time of day the satellites swept over these restaurants, but there were always impressive lines waiting for burgers.

The 8 Longest In-N-Out Lines According to Google Maps [Foodbeast]

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  1. Alecto67 says:

    Love In-And-Out Burgers! They don’t freeze any of their ingredients, so all of the locations are within an 8-hour drive of their distribution center…hence the lack of expansion from the West coast. Though I seem to remember they added a new center which was allowing them to get into Texas.