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Do You Have A Secret For Cooking A Well-Done Burger That Doesn’t Taste Like A Hockey Puck?

To all the burger buffs out there: When you’re cooking your favorite sandwich and someone asks for their burger to be cooked well-done, do you ostracize them and declare them unwelcome on your lands until they apologize, or do you have a go-to method for cooking a non-pink patty that you’re not ashamed of? [More]

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Can Police Force You To Unlock Your Phone With Fingerprint?

While the Supreme Court recently made it very clear that police can’t look at the contents of a suspect’s phone without a warrant, what remains unresolved is whether or not authorities with a warrant can then compel a suspect to unlock his/her phone. And does it make a difference if that unlocking involves a fingerprint instead of a passcode? [More]

Help Make Our Really Big Guide To Secret Menu Items Even

Help Make Our Really Big Guide To Secret Menu Items Even Bigger

It’s been more than four years since we first posted The Really Big Guide To Secret Menu Items, in which readers shared their inside scoops on how to score hidden fast food gems like “Naked Chicken” at Popeyes or take advantage of TGIFriday’s Five Easy Pieces policy. There have been several requests to update and expand the list, so we’re going back to the source: you. [More]