Customer’s Spider Monkey Bites Car Dealership Employee

Image courtesy of (YouTube)

An employee of an Ohio Chevrolet dealership probably didn’t expect to say the words, “Can I pet your monkey?” during his work day. When a customer brought a pet spider monkey along on a trip to the body shop, the employee asked to pet the animal. It bit him, drawing blood.

Local news outlets found something interesting, though: the monkey’s owner and his twin brother were charged last year with the theft of two gibbons in Nebraska. They were caught with the animals in Florida and arrested.

This appears to be a video of Brodi, the white-bellied spider monkey in question, sitting in front of a webcam.

Police discovered that the animal’s owner did not have an exotic animals permit, required to own a spider monkey in Ohio. He did have insurance and the animal had a recent rabies vaccination. Police verified his vaccination status with a Missouri veterinarian.

The monkey was quarantined for 72 hours as a precaution, and the owner has not been charged with doing anything wrong.. The bitten employee drove himself to a local hospital, and had a small puncture wound on his right thumb.

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