Guy Stashed Monkey In His Shirt For Flight To Vegas Instead Of Explaining It’s A Support Animal

Image courtesy of Adam Fagen

Here’s some advice we never thought we’d have to give: if you’re going to bring a monkey on a commercial plane, it’s best to inform the airline you’re traveling with that it’s an emotional support animal, instead of stashing it in your shirt. Because, you know, people might notice.

The monkey business went down on a Frontier Airlines flight from Columbus to Las Vegas on Tuesday night, airline officials said. But despite some reports that the monkey was loose during the flight, a Frontier spokesman told The Las Vegas Review-Journal that it wasn’t that exciting.

“The monkey was never loose in the cabin,” he explained. “It was always with the passenger it was traveling with.”

However, the passenger broke policy by not telling the airline he was bringing the animal onboard, the spokesman told the Associated Press, and refused to turn over documents that certified it as a support animal.

Though the species of monkey is unclear, a McCarran International Airport spokeswoman told the Review-Journal that once the plane landed, “the passenger had all the proper paperwork to have the monkey on the plane with him” as an emotional support animal, and law enforcement officials determined that nothing criminal took place. Always good to give a heads up about monkeys in your shirt, however.

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