Diner Takes Axe To McDonald’s Over Cold Fries

shininggrabSure, here in the states we’ve got people calling 9-1-1 over missing hash browns, and folks threatening to use a sword if they don’t get free tacos, but over in France, they’ve got an angry customer who used his axe on a McDonald’s all because he got cold fries at the drive-thru.

The incident occurred early Sunday morning in the suburbs of Paris, where a 26-year-old customer was unhappy with the restaurant’s response to his complaints about the frigid frites.

He reportedly got out of his van, brandishing an axe that he then used to shatter the drive-thru window.

Just to put a fine point on it, the customer then tossed his axe into the restaurant, which is not the proper way to escalate one’s complaint.

A McDonald’s employee was received some cuts to the face from the flying, shattered glass, but did not go to the hospital.

The customer attempted to flee, presumably without getting the hot fries he so wanted, but he was taken into custody by police. [via HuffPo]

Because we can’t read about french fries in France without thinking of Better Off Dead, we present this culinary clip:

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