Well, Apparently Someone Still Needs Cassette Tapes For $4 Each

tdk_clearanceSure, hardly anyone uses cassette tapes anymore, but all that means is that when you need one, you really need one. That’s why Staples can charge $12.53 for a three-pack, we suppose. Reader Karl found these tapes marked down to a slightly more reasonable $9.97 for three two.

This doesn’t fall under the category of “Raiders of the Lost Walmart” because the tapes appear to be new, and probably haven’t been sitting on the floor as long as, say, this MP3 player.

“I remember back in the day when you could pick up 3 for a buck,” grumbles Karl. Heck, I’ll pay you a quarter each to take away the dubbed tapes in my attic if you don’t mind recording over something that isn’t fresh and new.

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