Mystery Solved: Mounds Easter Egg Ice Cream Is Really Old

eggsA few weeks ago, we shared with you a Holiday Creep mystery. A reader discovered Easter-themed ice cream on the shelf at Walmart, making us wonder: was it still on the shelves from 2013, or just early for 2014? The way things are going in retail, we couldn’t be sure. We wrote to Walmart corporate, and they didn’t answer. Then we got a response from the freezer case. So to speak.

A tipster who we’ll keep anonymous wrote in with news that we should al l find comforting: the ice creams are from this past Easter, but they aren’t past their expiration date, either.

Howdy! I’m a frozen food department manager at Walmart, and I can shed light on the Mounds easter ice cream: It’s late. We were directed to send it back in July or August, and both the department manager and a Unilever rep missed the product. The date code is good through mid-2014 on what we had at my store.

On a happier note, we weren’t instructed to destroy it – Walmart works with Feeding America to supply local food banks with surplus product, and we were instructed to donate it.

We would rather see them put on clearance, because coconut ice cream is delicious. Sending them to a food bank is much, much better, though.

Are These Easter Ice Creams At Walmart Very Late Or Very Early?

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