Gerber Legendary Blades Is Quick On The Customer Service Draw

knifeyUsually, when we mention the blade company Gerber here, it’s in the context of a recall of one of their products. That makes sense, because really bad things can happen if a knife that you depend on to perform knife-y tasks breaks, shatters, fails, or cuts through its own sheath. Reader Lee wrote in to tell us how pleased he was with the action the company took when one of their knives broke.

It shouldn’t be newsworthy when a company advertises a “lifetime guarantee” and actually honors it, but…well, it is.

Lee writes:

About a year ago the spine on my Gerber FAST Draw knife broke. Although it wasn’t expensive (about $30), it was my favorite pocket knife. As Gerber has a lifetime warranty, I finally sent back to their service department with a short note. Within 10 days, I had a new knife (same model). I am quite impressed with their customer service and feel that the good companies deserve as much exposure as the companies with poor customer service.

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