Very Important Halloween Question: Are Fun-Size Twix From The Left Or Right Side Factory?

Image courtesy of (Touzeen Hussain)

After pawing through his kid’s Halloween candy stash, one inquisitive-minded consumer got to thinking: Mars has that whole Left Side Twix Factory vs. Right Side Twix Factory thing — but what about individual fun-size Twix? WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?

“I’ve blown my mind thinking about this,” he explains in a post on aptly titled “The Twix Dilemma.”

Sometimes when there’s a burning question that you must have answered, the best thing to do is just go right to the source to investigate. And that’s just what this candy-happy dad did: He called Twix Consumer Care and spoke to a very game customer service rep, recording the whole thing for anyone else out there with this same burning question that needs — nay! MUST have an answer.

Basically, it’s all about the existential argument surrounding the destiny of man and free will, or something.

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