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News Flash: Adults Stealing Candy From Kids’ Halloween Hauls

Stop feeling guilty for that raid-and-binge operation you’ll inevitably embark upon tonight when your child is fast asleep: 81% of adults admit they steal treats from their hardworking children on Halloween. But it’s still not okay for parents to steal their kids’ costumes from last year and squeeze into them for the office’s All Hallows Eve party. [NPR] [More]

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Very Important Halloween Question: Are Fun-Size Twix From The Left Or Right Side Factory?

After pawing through his kid’s Halloween candy stash, one inquisitive-minded consumer got to thinking: Mars has that whole Left Side Twix Factory vs. Right Side Twix Factory thing — but what about individual fun-size Twix? WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? [More]

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The World Needs More People Like This Walmart Candy Sorter

The next time you’re shoulder deep in a big box store bargain bin, you can think about this guy and wish that he’d make an appearance. [More]

Dentists Launch Halloween Candy Buy-Back Program

Dentists Launch Halloween Candy Buy-Back Program

A pair of Philadelphia-area dentists want to pay you cash for whatever Halloween candy you have left and send it overseas to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. [More]

Don't Toss Those Halloween Candy Wrappers Just Yet

Don't Toss Those Halloween Candy Wrappers Just Yet

Even if you didn’t go trick-or-treating last night, there’s a decent chance you have some candy and chocolate sitting around the house. Perhaps you’re like some Consumerist staffers who just can’t help but be tempted by the bulk bags of Kit Kats that go on sale at their local Walgreens? Regardless, before you toss those empty wrappers in the garbage, you might want to consider using them to help out a good cause. [More]