Carry This Secret Price Code Cheat Sheet To Hunt Down Sales Everywhere

costcoWe’ve previously shared with you Costco’s price tag code, but they’re not the only store that encodes not-so-secret sale information in the last two digits of an item’s price. Other stores do it too, including Target, Home Depot, Gap/Old Navy, and Sears. Want to crack the code and know when things are on their very lowest markdown? Here are the secrets. Update: this post’s info is out of date. Some newer info is here.

The deals site Rather Be Shopping recently rounded up some of these price codes, which can be useful when you wonder whether you should really nab sale items before they’re gone. They even produced a handy wallet-sized PDF with the codes they know of.

Here are a few useful ones:


  • Price ending in .99: Full price.
  • Price ending in .98: First markdown. Will be marked down again if the item doesn’t move.
  • Price ending in .04: The final markdown.

Home Depot

    • Price ending in .06 or a green tag: Final markdown.
  • Office Depot

    This chain has an interesting, if rather indecisive, system.

    • Price ending in .00, .50, or .99: Full price.
    • Price ending in anything else: Markdown. Final markdown code, if there is one, not known.

    Retailer’s Big Secret: Crack the Price Tag Code [Rather Be Shopping] (Thanks, Laurie!)

    Price Secrets PDF [Rather Be Shopping]

    Learn The Costco Price Tag Code To Save More Cash

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