Injured Kangaroo Hops Into Airport Pharmacy, Can’t Find “Marsupial Care” Aisle



Perhaps you are the type of person who doesn’t emit squees of joy when faced with adorable animals. If so, I will dare you to look in the face of an injured kangaroo that hopped into Melbourne Airport and hold up under its liquid-eyed stare.

The marsupial in question did just what any ailing human would do, reports the BBC, and hopped its way through the Qantas terminal (because the airline’s logo is a kangaroo, of course) and into a pharmacy. Because he was hurt, see? Squee.

Wildlife volunteers were able to catch the eastern grey kangaroo safely and tranquilize it, after it’d managed to shock a few shoppers with its unexpected appearance. Volunteers named it Cyrus after one of its rescuers, and took it to the vet for treatment.

It appears that the kangaroo hopped to the airport after it was hit by a car.

“He has got injuries to his feet at the moment. His claws are quite worn, that’s from hopping down the tarmac and things like that,” a wildlife volunteer said.

Rest up, little buddy. We’re glad you found help.

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