Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Still Have A PS2, Need Games For It

I still have a 25-year-old NES in my basement, ready at a moment’s notice in case I feel like playing Dr. Mario or Duck Hunt. At some point, still owning it passed from “uncool lady keeps old crap around” to “cool retro gaming.” Has the Playstation 2 passed that point yet? Walmart seems to hope so.

Rocky found these ancient PlayStation 2 games in the depths of his local Walmart. Well, on the shelf in the electronics section.


As it turns out, if your PS3 has the ability to play discs, it’s possible to play ancient games like these. And these are classic games, though not necessarily so classic that they’re now collectible.

The Grand Theft Auto trilogy package, for example, came out in late 2006. Still playable? Sure. Too ancient to be charging sticker price? Yeah, definitely.

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