Great, Now There’s An Actual Zombie Drug Eating Its Way Through Human Flesh

Now that that whole bath salts craze has died down, we’d expect the zombification of our population to sputter out as well. But kids these days, well they keep finding new ways to freak everyone out. Namely a new designer drug that’s eating its way through human flesh and turning people into stumbling, incoherent zombies. Sigh.

It’s called krokodil, or Desomorphine, reports Mother Jones, and it’s highly addictive and unfortunately, it’s catching on stateside.

Two cases just this week were called into a local poison control center in Phoenix, reports And it sounds really, really awful. To wit: A doctor at the center said he and his colleagues were “extremely frightened” by the aggressive, flesh-devouring drug. And if doctors are scared, you know it can’t be good.

The Drug Enforcement Administration doesn’t have its hands on a sample yet, but says that it often hears about synthetic drugs through poison control centers.

“We’ve been scrambling to see what we know about the cases in Arizona,” said a spokeswoman. “This concerns us very much.”

Krokodil is somewhat like heroin in how it feels for the user, but is a lot cheaper and easier to make. It’s been popular in Russia in recent years, where it earned its name because of the crocodile-like side effects on humans — your skin turns green and scaly, with severe cases resulting in skin rotting away completely.

Then there’s the zombie part, where your body movements become jerky, you have trouble speaking and again, flesh is hanging off your body.

Bottom line: If you want to be a character from The Walking Dead, choose Daryl, not a walker. No one likes zombies — they  have nothing good to say and no table manners.

Zombie Apocalypse Drug Reaches US: This Is Not a Joke [Mother Jones]

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