(Mike Rollerson)

Great, Now There’s An Actual Zombie Drug Eating Its Way Through Human Flesh

Now that that whole bath salts craze has died down, we’d expect the zombification of our population to sputter out as well. But kids these days, well they keep finding new ways to freak everyone out. Namely a new designer drug that’s eating its way through human flesh and turning people into stumbling, incoherent zombies. Sigh. [More]

Willow Springs

The No. 1 Reason To Wear Nose Plugs At A Freshwater Water Park: Brain-Eating Amoebas

Maybe you think you’re too cool to wear nose plugs when swimming or rocketing down water slides at the water park, despite the fact that they prevent water from shooting up into your nasal passages. But there’s one very, very good reason to invest in a pair or at least plug your nose if you’re visiting a water park with fresh water: Brain-eating amoebas can get inside and that is not a good thing. [More]

(Mike Rollerson)

Report: Apple App Store Full Of Zombie Programs No One Is Downloading

Zombies are all the rage these days, so it’s only fitting that new research shows that two-thirds of programs in Apple’s App Store are undead beings that were once alive but now roam aimlessly, groaning through the cyber market. That goes against the company’s claim that 90% of all its apps in the marketplace are downloaded at least once a month. [More]

(Great Beyond)

Someday Your Brain Could Replace All Those Pesky Passwords With “Passthoughts”

There’s perhaps nothing more unique than your brain. And because we don’t yet live in a world where villains can hack into your thoughts (key word: yet), the next innovation in passwords could do away with those typed phrases and combinations of letters, numbers and punctuation and replace them with your thoughts. [More]