Walmart Offers All Of The Hottest Technology From 2006 At Slightly Discounted Prices

The retail archaeologists known as the Raiders of the Lost Walmart tirelessly search the world’s retail outlets for the finest and longest-buried antiquities. What ancient wonders did they turn up this week? Why, it’s a cache of seven-year-old digital cameras and ancient MP3 players offered at only slight markdowns.

On an excavation in Michigan, reader Brandon came across a Walmart that had a seemingly untouched cache of electronics from 2006. This is like the Raiders of the Lost Walmart equivalent of King Tut’s tomb. Here are just a few of Brandon’s spectacular finds:


The Sony DSC-H2 was a 6-megapixel camera released in 2006. the Canon Powershot S2 IS was a 5-megapixel camera released in 2005.


Gosh, I remember when I was shopping for cameras and the Canon Elph SD450 and the SD600 were among the finalists. That was 2006.


Some of our younger readers probably don’t even remember that DVD-recording camcorders were ever a thing. Also from 2006.

Now, someone out there is surely saying, “Stupid gullible Consumerist. Those photos are from 2007.” Not so fast, Skeptical Stephanie. Today, the average mobile phone has a better camera than these items for sale. That includes Brandon’s phone. The photos are at high enough resolution that we can enhance.


Meanwhile, Sean uncovered these slightly-marked down MP3 players in Vermont.


The Walmart Music store, as you may recall, shut down in 2008.


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