Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find Strange And Useless WebTV

Do you remember the WebTV? You may not have even known anyone who used them, but they were a device that turned a regular TV into a slow Internet terminal. Some people who find computers intimidating really liked the idea. However, they should not pick up this unit that Liz found on the shelf at her local Walmart, mostly because there’s not much you can do with it.

Microsoft owned WebTV, and they shut down the service that powers the device more than two years ago. Much of the technology that went into the WebTV ended up in the Xbox or in set-top boxes.

The retail price of the WebTV was about $200 when it was on the market. How much is Walmart selling it for now that the product has possibly been sitting on a shelf for 10 years, and can’t actually connect to the Internet?




Some readers inevitably accuse Raiders of the Lost Walmart tipsters of sending us old photos, maybe from 2006 in this case. Here’s a close-up of the price sticker that shows the date it was printed.


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