Amazon Sells Hamper And Book, Tosses Them In Single Huge Box

Lori ordered two things from Amazon: a hamper and a book. For some reason, she expected that they wouldn’t just throw both items loose in the same box. Silly Lori! Doesn’t she know how things work at Amazon? Why should she expect to buy a book and a household item and receive one or both unharmed?


Here’s the box, along with the items inside it. Bless the Amazon warehouse people: they tried. Maybe the facility was out of shrink wrap that day but they were still under pressure to get packages out.

Last week, I ordered a laundry hamper that I really needed and since shipping was free, added on a book I wouldn’t have bought otherwise. I received the package today and if you see the attached photos, you can see why I’m sharing this with you. They threw the book in loose with the hamper. It came to me with half the book creased and with crumpled pages, including the cover.


I am returning it and getting a new one-hopefully this time they can manage to ship it without damaging it. I’m not sure why they didn’t throw it on a piece of cardboard and shrink wrap it like I’ve seen them do in the past-but that’s Amazon for you!

Yeah, why would they do that?

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