Twitter Now Lets Businesses Show When They Monitor Customer Service Tweets

Image courtesy of Tom Raftery

The Twitter feeds of most big companies are littered with gripes from customers trying to get someone to resolve their problem. Thing is, some companies either don’t monitor their Twitter feeds for customer service complaints, or only only respond to these Tweets during certain times. A new Twitter feature is intended to let businesses be more transparent about if and when they handle customer service on the social media platform.

Businesses can indicate through a new Twitter Customer Service setting page if they offer support through Twitter and what times the account is monitored, TechCrunch reports.

Once a company enables the option on the Twitter Dashboard website, its profile will display “Provides Support.” This notification will also be shown when a customer searches for @companyname or when beginning a private message to the business.

Businesses also have the option to add to their profile the time during which the account is monitored by customer service staff.

Additionally, by indicating that it provides customer service via Twitter, the company will automatically begin receiving Direct Messages from anyone. This, TechCrunch reports, eliminates the need for the company to ask customers to follow them in order to send a private message.

To ensure that customers see that a company offers support via Twitter, their profiles will be revamped to feature a more prominent Direct Message button.

TechCrunch reports that by enlarging the Direct Message button, some companies may be hoping that customers share their negative complaints privately instead of for the whole Twitter-verse to see.

Twitter isn’t the first social media network to assist connecting businesses and customers. Last August, Facebook launched a feature that allowed users and businesses to message each other.

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