JCPenney & Macy’s Are Close To The Final Word On Their Martha Stewart Rivalry

The playground fight between Macy’s and JCPenney over who gets to be best friends with Martha Stewart could finally be close to over. After months of the two companies bickering over whether or not JCPenney can sell certain home goods with the Martha Stewart name on them, a judge might issue a decision today.

Macy’s had been claiming in court that it’s had the exclusive right to sell Stewart’s stuff since 2006, while JCPenney signed a deal in 2011 to open mini shops within its stores that would sell home goods designed by the guru of homemaking.

Both companies are scheduled to give final arguments this morning, three months after testimony in the trial wrapped up, notes Reuters. The judge could either issue his decision in the case from the bench afterward, or wait a few days to do so. He’ll rule on whether or not Macy’s has the corner on certain Stewart categories, and also if JCPenney can shill good designed by her that don’t have her name on them.

It’s perhaps not so dire of a situation for JCPenney anymore, as that whole mini shops within the larger store thing was all part of former CEO Ron Johnson’s plan. Now that he’s gone, current CEO Mike Ullman gave the kibosh to that strategy, which means those little shops likely don’t matter much.

Macy, Penney to wrap up trial on Martha Stewart home goods dispute [Reuters]

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