Starbucks Dumps AT&T And Picks Google To Be Its New Wi-Fi Partner

The new "it" couple.

The new “it” couple.

Because business relationships are totally exactly like high school releationships, we’re pretty sure Starbucks had the following conversation when dumping AT&T: “It’s not about you. It’s about me. Well and also, actually, it’s about you because see, Google says it’ll give me faster Wi-Fi speeds, so…  I need that T-shirt of mine back and the Journey CD I loaned you.”

The new happy couple announced their new relationship today, telling customers that the Web will be super fast at Starbucks locations across the country with the new Wi-Fi provided by Google, reports the Los Angeles Times.

“When your local Starbucks Wi-Fi network goes Google, you’ll be able to surf the Web at speeds up to 10x faster than before,” Google said in a blog, noting that the changeover will start happening in August.

Every single one of Starbucks’ 7,000 are switching to Google, making for a complete breakup with AT&T. And if you happen to live in a city with Google’s Fiber Network you could be surfing 100 times faster than you are on the old AT&T Wi-Fi, claims Google.

AT&T claims it was ready and willing to give Starbucks faster speeds too, so this whole thing isn’t its fault and Google probably promised other things (going to third base?).

“In our proposal to Starbucks, AT&T also offered up to 10 times faster network and Wi-Fi speeds, so the decision must have been based on criteria other than speeds,” the company told the LAT.

No one likes a bitter dumpee, AT&T. Time to move on.

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