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4 Things To Look Out For When Returning Home After A Hurricane

As residents in Texas head back to their homes following Hurricane Harvey and those in Florida prepare for Irma to make landfall, federal safety regulators are warning them about potential dangers lurking in their storm-ravaged homes. [More]

Paul McCarthy

Insurance Won’t Cover Damage To 80% Of Homes Flooded By Hurricane Harvey

When the flood waters left behind by Hurricane Harvey eventually recede, they will leave behind billions of dollars in property damage. However, a large majority of homeowners will likely have to spend their own money to make their homes livable again. [More]

How To Avoid Scams & Fake Charities In Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey

How To Avoid Scams & Fake Charities In Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey

With millions of people affected by the ravages of Hurricane Harvey, there will inevitably be a second flood hitting Texas in the weeks to come: Scammers and con artists looking to prey on people who have been displaced, whose homes need extensive repairs, and on the rest of us who want to help by donating to a cause that will help them. [More]

Scott Lynch

Contractors Charged With Using Money From Hurricane Sandy Victims To Shop And Gamble

Here’s a nightmare scenario: your house is severely damaged in a rare storm, and you hire a legitimate-seeming contractor to repair it or to raise your house on stilts to prevent flooding the next time a storm comes. Instead, the contractor either never began the work or wandered off partway through, leaving you without the money or a livable house. That’s what the state of New Jersey has accused a duo of contractors who are also a couple of doing. [More]