It’s A Small World, But Apparently Big Enough To Steal 50 Identities To Fund 17 Disney Vacations

Upon hearing that a man stands accused of stealing the identities of 50 people in order to finance 17 Disney vacations, one might think it sounds like a tall order to successfully get away with that many crimes… and also? Is going on 17 vacations with Mickey Mouse really  necessary?

To the first question, we find out that yes, it is possible. And to the second, well, to each his own.

CNNMoney brings us the story of a former manager of a steak house in Illinois, who was arrested on charges that he’d swiped the identities of a whole bunch of customers and former employees at the restaurant, all for his Mickey bank.

The police say the 26-year-old man used fraudulently obtained gift cards, cash and prepaid credit cards worth $50,000 to finance two Disney cruises and 15 trips to Disney World in just five months. Perhaps his inner child is just an insatiable one?

In order to pull off this scheme, cops say the man used fake names and personal information to hide who he really is.

Here’s a question — if he really did steal 50 identities, what did he do with the other 33 he didn’t use on those 17 trips? Or did he switch identities numerous times throughout vacation, in a scenario like something out of an Adam Sandler movie… 50 First Dates — At Disney World!… ?

Officials say this isn’t the first time he’s allegedly acted illegally on a Disney mission: A warrant for his arrest was issued in Florida’s Orange County in 2009 on charges of fraudulent use of credit cards and theft, but those charges were dropped. He was also arrested over similar allegations in 2010 but completed a “diversion program” instead of facing charges.

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