Cocktail Pairings At Tokyo Burger Kings Prove Yet Again That Other Countries Have More Fun

Nothing says BBQ like blue drink.

Nothing says BBQ like blue drink.

Sometimes it’s like, ugh, so what if we have tacos in Doritos shells? Who even cares that the McRib only shows up once a year (that is rhetorical, please refrain from McRib-related hate mail)? Other countries get to have all the fun. Like a 2-ring circus pizza with a cherry on top in Singapore or the Nacho Whopper of the Netherlands, cocktail pairings with your Burger King will only be happening across the sea, this time in Tokyo.

Our pals over at always have burgers on the mind, so it’s only fitting that they’ve uncovered this new venture at three Tokyo Burger Kings.

Starting June 28, the three stores will offer up mojitos, pink daiquiris and the like with their new barbecued-rib dinners. That’s only between 6  p.m. and 11 p.m., however, and only 30 meals a day will be served with booze.

The Broiled BBQ Ribs run for about $10 and are served with fries, onion rings, a salad and a cup of pickles. The cocktails will run you around $4.58 extra, and include: a Mojito, Sky Diving, Long Island Iced Tea, Pink Daiquiri, Cuba Libre and a rum drink Google translates as “Ram and Back,” notes Burger Business. Sounds uncomfortable.

Time to put on my Burger King cardboard crown, mix myself a Long Island Iced Tea and just pretend I’m in Japan.

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