Did You Buy $18K Diamond Earrings For $20 At A Yard Sale? This Lady Needs Them Back

Have you seen these sparklies?

Have you seen these sparklies?

“Didn’t you already post this story, Consumerist?” you’re probably asking. Nope, we didn’t. We previously shared the story of a California man who accidentally sold his wife’s diamond ring at a community yard sale for $10. This is the story of a California woman who accidentally sold her own diamond earrings in the pocket of a jean jacket for $20.

This reminder to check the pockets and crevices of every item that you sell at your garage sale or donate to charity comes courtesy of CBS Los Angeles. It probably seemed like a good idea at first: the woman hid the earrings, a ring, and $1,500 in cash in the pockets of a jean jacket, figuring that burglars wouldn’t look there while burgling her home. The problem is that she forgot that the valuables were there, and tossed the jacket on the pile for the upcoming sale.

“I think anyone who is a mother knows,” she explained. “You give so much of yourself that sometimes your brain stops working.” Being so busy, by the time the garage sale rolled around she had forgotten about her hiding place and didn’t check items for stray precious gems before selling them.

If you’re the person who walked off with this family’s vacation savings and shiny objects, do the right thing and contact CBS 2. The other person who accidentally bought a diamond at a garage sale did.

Huntington Beach Woman Accidentally Sells Nearly $18K Diamond Earrings For $20 At Garage Sale [CBS Los Angeles]

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