Couple Who Met In The Aisles Of Walmart Gets Hitched In Layaway Section

They do.

They do.

Proving that not all Walmart romances have to be of the Craiglist “Missed Connections” kind, and giving hope to all those lonely souls wandering the aisles late at night searching for love or something like it (a can of frosting is one serving, right?), a couple who met at Walmart in 2005 got hitched in the store’s layaway. Because sometimes love takes time, see?

Susan and Wayne said “I do” just a few feet away from where they met in a North Carolina Walmart, reports CNNMoney. Back then, Wayne frequented the store a few times a week, but a wife wasn’t exactly on his shopping list.

Nevertheless, Wayne was smooth enough to go through Susan’s lane, as she was working as a cashier at Walmart at the time.

“I’d ask her how she was that day, and tell her she looked very nice,” he said.

After their first date, Wayne would make his beloved lunch every day and bring it to the store for her.

“He was very much a gentleman, and I looked forward to seeing him,” she said.

A year later he proposed, and six years later they finally settled on a wedding date and venue.

“I first said it as a joke,” Wayne said. “But we batted it around and realized that it’s where we met, where we dated and where most of her friends worked, so we asked the store and they gave us their blessing.”

Walmart is pleased the couple found love, with a spokeswoman urging those singletons still searching to keep their peepers peeled for true love in the aisles.

“Perhaps the saying should go, ‘love comes when you least expect it — or when you go to Wal-Mart,'” she said.

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