Wedding Chapel & Full Bar At New Las Vegas Denny's Could Inspire Some Bad Decisions

For all the times when the brilliant thought has hit you while drinking with a loved one — “Honey, let’s get married right now and have a wedding cake made from pancakes!” — Denny’s newest Las Vegas diner has your spot all lined up. The 24-hour diner will boast a full bar and a wedding chapel, for all your boozing, matrimonial and dining needs. Talk about a one-stop shop!

Denny’s announced on Thursday that it’s in the midst of planning a flagship diner to open up by the end of the year in downtown Las Vegas’ Neonopolis shopping complex, reports the Associated Press. Which means there could be even more full bar/wedding chapel Denny’s in the future.

The reasoning here, says Denny’s CEO John Miller, is that Las Vegas and Denny’s are kindred spirits, what with being open 24/7 and all.

And to commemorate what is surely going to be a memorable experience, the restaurant will also feature a photo booth stocked with Vegas-themed props. Although we’re sure no one is ever going to forget getting married at a Denny’s and doing Jager bombs to celebrate.

And if that isn’t enough to entice you to make your marital plans at Denny’s, there will be some special wedding packages at the chapel, including a cake made of Denny’s Pancake Puppies.

Say no more. First one to have a Denny’s wedding wins.

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