Oklahoma Couple Enjoys Dream Wedding At Starbucks

In a scene that could be straight out of Best In Show, a couple whose romanced blossomed over cups of Starbucks’ pricey caffeine decided that the java joint was the perfect place to bind themselves together for eternity.

The dream wedding happened last night at a Starbucks in Tulsa, where the couple has become a bit of a fixture during their time together.

“We’ve been coffee friends. We started out as coffee friends. And we fell in love over coffee,” the bride tells News9.

“Actually when we first met I’d drink it, but I wasn’t’ a big coffee drinker. But I said sure I’ll go have coffee just so I could be with her,” explains the groom.

Not only is this Starbucks where their love got hot and steamy like… well, some sort of hot and steamy drink. It’s also the place the bride would go to drown her sorrows while her betrothed was deployed in Iraq with the Navy.

“From the very beginning we wanted to be part of it. This is where she and her mom had coffee every Tuesday while [her fiance] was deployed,” said the Starbucks manager. “So it was really important for us — as we love to support the community — to have this event.”

But unlike previous weddings at Taco Bell or KFC, the store actually closed down for the ceremony and reception.

Couple Ties The Knot At Tulsa Starbucks [News9.com]

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