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Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy In Walmart Checkout Lane, Pays For Merchandise First

Babies don’t always have the best timing. When it comes to being born, they might wait until you’re at the hospital, but that baby might decide to make its debut on a Southwest flight, a Walmart parking lot, or in a Sam’s Club bathroom. So why not the Walmart checkout line, where you can give birth and pay for your groceries at the same time. [More]

Woman Gives Birth In Sam’s Club Bathroom With Employees’ Help

Woman Gives Birth In Sam’s Club Bathroom With Employees’ Help

On more than one occasion we’ve reported on the miracle of birth taking place not in a hospital, but in a Walmart parking lot or inside the big box store. Over the weekend, an Arkansas woman took a slightly different approach, giving birth at another local retailer: Sam’s Club.  [More]

Happy birthday, here's a baby!

Woman Gives Birth In Walmart Parking Lot On Her Birthday With Help From Fellow Shoppers

There’s a happy birthday, and then there’s “It’s my birthday and I’m having a baby in a Walmart parking lot.” A pregnant North Dakota woman had a scary situation on her hands when she went into labor right before she got into her car after a shopping trip. [More]

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Sears Parts Direct Has A Different Definition Of ‘Rush Delivery’ Than I Do

Mike needs a part for his home’s heating system. He lives in Georgia, so the cold weather isn’t as urgent an issue as it would be if he lived up north, but it’s still necessary. He needed rush delivery, but instead Sears didn’t even notify him when the part went on backorder. After two weeks, it finally showed up. And by “it,” we mean “the wrong part.” [More]