Between Microsoft And PayPal, Somewhere I Have A Refund

Steve bought a digital download of Windows 8, but decided that it wasn’t for him. He downgraded to Windows 7, got rid of all traces of the upgrade, and got a refund of the purchase price. At least that’s what Microsoft says. The refund is trapped in some kind of terrifying digital underworld between Microsoft and PayPal, serving as a warning.

What this story warns consumers not to do, we’re not quite sure: maybe not to use PayPal, or not to buy digital downloads, or not to let too much time lapse before filing a dispute.

I purchased the Windows 8 upgrade the day it was available to check it out. Installed it, found that it wouldn’t work for me for a number of reasons and reverted back to Windows 7.

I requested a refund from Microsoft (actually Arvato Digital Services). I was told that the refund was processed for the amount of $45.19 US.

After waiting close to a month, I called Microsoft to find out why the refund was not processed to my PayPal account. They told me that it could take well over a month to be processed and give it another 2 weeks. I gave it another 2 weeks, called back and was now told that I had not accepted the Digital Letter of Destcruction (DLOD). I knew I had, but I had them send another link, when I tried to accept, it was already showing as accepted. Now I was told to wait more.

As of today, I think I am a minimum of 10 calls to the Microsoft Store, 5 or 6 to PayPal and 1 with a Microsoft and PayPal representative together.

Microsoft has not been able to give me any kind of confirmation number that the refund was sent to PayPal. I would assume that PayPal would give them some kind of transaction number?!

The last “confirmation” of the refund that Microsoft sent me was a screen capture of a payment I made to them for and XBOX Live Subscription.

Now, the customer service guy I am dealing with at Microsoft want ME to get someone from PayPal to call HIM.

I figure I have put a lot more time into this then it is worth, but I just can’t let it go. I am amazed at the ridiculousness of the whole situation.

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