UPS Not Experimenting With Exciting New Teleportation Service

UPS teleporterDid you know that UPS is now able to teleport packages hundreds of miles in only a few minutes? It’s true. Well, that, or something went slightly wrong with the timestamps on reader Kain’s package.

He was having a new phone overnighted, you see. And it traveled a lot faster than he had anticipated. He explains:

I checked the tracking before I went to bed last night and it said it was still in Kentucky which is quite a ways away from central Illinois where I live so I was wondering how they were going to get it here so fast. Well when I woke up and checked tracking again I noticed something odd.

Appearently it takes UPS about 2 minutes to go the 323 miles between here and there.

The only explanation I can come up with is a teleporter…

Well, that, or delayed data getting into the system. If UPS had a monopoly on teleportation technology, this could seriously shake up the shipping market.

Or the fact that East Peoria is in the Central Time zone and Louisville is Eastern. The trip by air would only take about an hour, thus explaining the appearance of taking only two minutes to travel that large distance. This is a much more comforting explanation than teleportation. Or magic.

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