Most American Company On Earth Has No Idea How To Portray Americans To UK Audience

Though McDonald’s is a global company, serving up variations of its fast food to people of just about every nation, it’s still considered by many to be one of the companies, if not the company, most identified with Americans. Which is why we’re perplexed by the bizarre images shown in McDonald’s UK ads for its America-themed menu items.

The odd ad [via Eater] shown above features what we guess pass as American stereotypes invading various UK scenes.

There’s the yellow cab with a female passenger carrying a dog in a cowboy hat (FYI, women who put costumes on their dogs don’t take cabs; they hire car services), the no-necked bodybuilders (because apparently no one in England exercises?), long-bearded rednecks cruising around on a fan boat (someone apparently saw a commercial for Duck Dynasty), cheerleaders at a cricket match (which wouldn’t be a bad idea, as cricket would put the Tasmanian Devil to sleep).

But even more vexing than the images in the ads are the burgers themselves [details via BrandEating].

The burger shown in the ad above is the Chicago Supreme. Considering McDonald’s calls the Chicago area home, you’d think this would be an accurate depiction of what you’d get from an American McDonald’s. Instead, it’s got “spicy tomato salsa, and cool mayo, all in a chilli, chive and sesame topped bun.” Because we all know Chicagoans’ love of chili, chive and sesame seed buns.

But wait, that supposedly Chicago-style bun also shows up on the New York Classic, which is basically the same as the Chicago burger, but without salsa and with red onion — and mustard, which most real burgers in New York will never see.

Then there’s the Arizona Nacho Grande, which has ‘nacho-style’ sauce, shredded lettuce, pepperoni (yes, pepperoni), nacho chips and cheese with peppers, on a sesame bun.

Let’s not forget the Louisiana BBQ, which is a cheeseburger with barbeque sauce and onions. You can just about smell the gumbo and etouffee, can’t you?

And finally, he California Melt, named for a state synonymous with experimental, hybrid cuisine. But instead of getting something like guacamole or garlic, customers get a cheeseburger with pepper cheese.

Of course, McDonald’s is no stranger to completely misinterpreting a culture with which we share a common language. Just ask anyone who tried the English Pub Burger when that showed up on this side of the Atlantic in 2011.

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