McDonald’s Shows How To Capitalize On Recent Cleveland News In A Totally Tacky Way

Everyone loves this guy, including McDonald's.

Everyone loves this guy, including McDonald’s.

When three women who had been missing for 10 years were rescued from a house in Cleveland this week where they’d been kept captive, all eyes turned to the neighbor who first noticed one of the women, Amanda Berry, yelling for help. Charles Ramsey seemed as surprised as the rest of us, noting in the 911 call and to local TV news that he’d been just out on his porch, “eating his McDonald’s” when he saw her. At that, McDonald’s ears perked right up.

McDonald’s has since stepped in to insert itself into the news narrative by congratulating the neighbor on Twitter (via the Associated Press), writing:

To be sure, he did a heroic thing in reportedly helping Berry break her way out of the home and alerting authorities instead of simply turning a blind eye and focusing on his food.

But is it really McDonald’s place to wedge itself even further into the conversation? In other words, is this a tacky move or simply heartfelt appreciation for a man who helped give three women their freedom?

Watch Ramsey’s news interview below:

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