JCPenney Admits Engagement Ring Is Defective But Won’t Replace It (Until Local News Finds Out)

wherestheringA California couple got engaged six months ago, but in that entire time the bride-to-be has only had a few weeks with her engagement ring on her hand, as JCPenney admits the sparkler is defective, but didn’t want to replace it, or refund the cost.

CBS Sacramento’s Kurtis Ming has the story of the groom who spend $1,530 on the ring and a Lifetime Protection Plan for it at his local JCPenney jewelry counter back in August.

Since then, the ring has been back to have a weak prong repaired three times, each repair requiring several weeks.

After the third time in the stop, JCPenney told the couple that the ring is defective and could not be repaired. So that Lifetime Protection Plan should allow them to get a replacement or a refund, right?

“A ring that has prongs that can’t hold a diamond because it was manufactured improperly is not a ring that should be sold,” a lawyer explains to Ming.

The couple went more than a month without JCPenney offering a refund or replacement. That is, until Ming and CBS Sacramento got involved.

“This particular circumstance is a rare occurrence,” a rep for the store tells CBS.

And within a few hours, the couple had a refund check in hand, along with a $50 JCP gift card, which they won’t be using on a replacement ring, as they decided to go elsewhere for their jewelry needs.

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