Starbucks Apparently Thinks Someone Was Cruel Enough To Name Their Daughter “Vagina”

You say Virginia, they hear Vagina?

You say Virginia, they hear Vagina?

We’ve heard a lot of unfortunate names — heck, just look up “celebrity baby names” — but despite the cruelty some parents inflict via birth certificate, it’s highly unlikely that anyone named their daughter “Vagina.” Now, Virginia? Quite a nice, decent name. And it belongs to a woman who says a Starbucks in Hong Kong scrawled “Vagina” on her coffee instead.

In a post on the Facebook page for Starbucks Hong Kong, which seems to have been taken down now but can be seen in a screengrab over at Kotaku, a woman posted a photo with the offending wrong name on a cup, writing:

This is my sister’s cuppa from your HKU branch. Fancy your staff not being able to spell an American name like Virginia. Forgiving she has been with every misspelled cup. Her cup was once ‘Virgin’. Every Starbucks experience for her has been coupled with fear and anticipation. But THIS is just UNACCEPTABLE. Starbucks HK, you have to buck up or just not spell your customer’s name anyway. It is a derogatory attitude even if it is unintentional. What do you have to say about this?

Some might argue that while Virginia is a common enough name in the Western world, a Hong Kong employee might not be familiar with it, and as such, not even realize the mistake was an offensive one — if it was a mistake.

But perhaps when in doubt, the best way to go is just to write nothing at all. Unless this was supposed to be a joke, and as such, not cool, Starbucks barista. Not cool at all.

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