When Flying, Maybe Leave Your Grenade-Shaped Lighter At Home

Image courtesy of (Bill Binns)

You might find your novelty weapon-shaped cigarette lighter hilarious and totally innocent, but do you know who doesn’t agree with you? The Transportation Safety Administration. This didn’t occur to a passenger changing planes in Miami on his way to Haiti from Boston, and an entire concourse at Miami International Airport got shut down briefly this morning when the TSA noticed a grenade-shaped object in his carry-on.

“…I came from Boston with it and I wasn’t stopped, and I forgot the lighter was in there,” he helpfully explained to CBS Miami.

In the passenger’s defense, when you search for lighters on the TSA’s “prohibited items” page, it does not specifically mention that grenade-shaped lighters are not allowed. “Firearms, ammunition, firearm parts, and realistic replicas of firearms,” sure. Lighters shaped like a grenade casing? Nope!

Though that “common sense” thing may come into play here.


Grenade-Shaped Lighter Leads To MIA Concourse Shutdown [CBS Miami]

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