Wendy’s & McDonald’s Teach Readers Disappointing Lessons In Ads Vs. Reality

Most of us know that what we actually get from a fast food eatery is never identical to what’s shown in the ads, and sometimes is similar in name only. We got used to knowing that a cheeseburger will never look as perfect as it does in the commercial, but with the recent addition of supposedly fancier menu items consumers are learning to prep themselves for more disappointment.

Two such letdowns appeared in our inbox recently. First up is one of Wendy’s Chicken Flatbread sandwiches, which have been touted in TV ads featuring the grown-up, office cutie-pie version of Wendy being overshadowed by the alleged sheer beauty of the new menu item. But to Consumerist Rock wasn’t so enamored with his sandwich, which didn’t seem to offer up the abundance of riches that one sees in the photos or commercials.


Then Consumerist reader Dave, who says he’d previously been satisfied with the presentation of his Chicken & Ranch McWrap from McDonald’s, was left with a hollow feeling by the half-empty wrap he received.


“If I hadn’t gotten a large fry and a large Coke I’d have starved,” he tells Consumerist.

We’d love to put together a full gallery of ad vs. reality fast food items, but there is only so much we can afford (or consume), so we need your help. When you’re supremely let down by something at Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, or any other fast food chain, send us the pics at tips@consumerist.com.

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