Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find More 7-Year-Old GameCube Titles, Ancient Flash Drives

On Monday, we shared with an exciting new discovery from one of the Raiders of the Lost Walmart: copies of Naruto 2 for Nintendo GameCube available for only $39.94. We probably should have expected that Walmart stores all over the country are also expecting a huge surge in demand for GameCube titles from 2006. Knowing something about both technology and commerce, we had not anticipated this.

John sent along this photo of a copy of Odama currently for sale at Wally World. That price tag of $39.96 is exactly the kind of steep markdown you’d expect on a seven-year-old game: its original list price was $49.99, according to IGN.


Yes, you can play GameCube games on Nintendo’s consoles from this decade, but the key question is this: would you?

Reader Knah found this USB drive on clearance. “Still overpriced,” he notes. At least the package doesn’t brag that it’s the equivalent of having 352 floppies on your keychain?


Normally, an item as new as Madden ’07 wouldn’t attract our attention, but a seven-year-old game on the shelf at Walmart at full price? At least knock ten bucks off.


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