Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find Rich Vein Of Overpriced Electronics From 2008

Kevin is one of the bold explorers who form the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, checking dusty clearance racks for secret caches of ancient flash drives and defunct multiplayer games. While exploring a retail archaeolgy site, or “Walmart store,” in upstate New York, he found an especially rich collection of finds.

You may remember that Sirius and XM merged into one company in 2008. This receiver with Sirius-only branding dates back at least to then. It probably works, but isn’t worth the price.



That’s also true of this desktop wireless card, which is old enough that it only goes up to 802.11g, yet somehow has only been marked down 35%.



You don’t need any PC parts? How about a new camera? This one takes photos with lower resolution than your smartphone, and has been on the market since 2009. Does that affect the price? Of course not!


Perhaps that camera is too new for you. Howabout this one, which is a little down scale and a little older?


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