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USDA Not Thrilled That Restaurant Served Raw Horse Meat

While you might be such a foodie that you scoff at those who freak out when they hear “horse tartare,” the fact is that serving horse meat at a restaurant is currently illegal in the U.S. And the federal government is advising one Pittsburgh-area restaurant to not put this item on the menu again. [More]


U.K. Health Officials Find “Beef” Lasagna Meals Containing 60%-100% Horse Meat

Our neighbors across the pond are caught in an equine-lover’s nightmare: First, beef hamburgers on shelves were found to contain horse DNA and recalled, after authorities traced the contamination back to a couple processing plants. Burger King got caught up in it as well, although no burgers with horse in them made it to stores. And now the scandal has spread to frozen “beef” lasagna meals. [More]


Burger King Admits Some Beef In U.K. Contained Horse Meat, But None Sold To Diners

Despite taking its business elsewhere after a meat processing plant in Ireland was found to have beef mixed with horse meat, it seems Burger King didn’t move fast enough to insure its 100% beef patties stayed that way. The fast food chain admits that some of the beef from its supplier contained trace bits of horse DNA, but none of that meat made it into its restaurants. [More]


Burger King Decides To Not Take The Chance Of Horse Meat Ending Up In Its Whoppers

Burger King has decided to end its relationship with a meat processing company in Ireland that, last week, was among those found to be churning out some beef products containing small amounts of horse meat. [More]

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Meat Lovers In UK, Ireland Surprised That Beef Now Comes With Horse DNA Included

Over here we’ve had our spate of controversy over fillers in beef products but even talk of pink slime likely won’t provoke quite the reaction as telling someone there’s horse meat in their hamburger. The Republic of Ireland’s food safety authority (FSAI) says horse DNA has been found in burgers and other products purported to be made of beef in Irish supermarkets as well as in the United Kingdom. Cue shudders. [More]