Yet Another Baggage Handler Behaving Badly: Man Accused Of Lifting $84K In Stolen Items

Around these parts, it’s almost sad that we’re not surprised to hear when Transportation Security Administration agents get into hot water for having sticky fingers. A baggage handler at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport has some explaining to do to authorities, after prosecutors say he was caught on video boosting $84,000 worth in valuables from passengers’ bags.

According to ABC News, the 23-year-old man is accused of stuffing guns, jewelry, watches and more into his backpack over an eight-month period.

As one expert points out, this kind of thing keeps happening again and again simply because there are always going to be times when no one is watching the bags — well, except the eye in the sky that’s surveying the whole airport via surveillance camera.

And because TSA officials don’t encourage using locks on your luggage, as agents would just have to cut them off to inspect bags anyway, what’s a passenger to do to safeguard their valuables? The best and probably the safest solution? Unfortunately, it’s probably just: Don’t fly with valuables.

Minneapolis Airport Baggage Handler Accused of Stealing $84,000 Worth of Belongings from Passengers [ABC News}

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