TSA Screener Fired For Allegedly Swiping $36 From Traveler’s Checked Luggage

We’ve seen so many stories of Transportation Security Administration agents pilfering, stealing, looting and otherwise stealing from travelers that this entire post could be a series of links. And hey, here’s another one for the pile, because apparently the TSA just can’t resist: An agent in North Carolina is facing accusations that he stole not electronics, not bags stuffed with cash, but just $36 from checked luggage.

According to WSOC-TV, the screener worked at Charlotte Douglas International Airport and has been charged with larceny under $50. He was also fired from his job for allegedly swiping the cash from the victim’s suitcase.

The TSA says once again, that it totally doesn’t approve of employees having sticky fingers: “TSA does not tolerate theft and moved immediately to terminate this individual.”

And yet, this kind of stuff keeps happening. There have been 381 cases of TSA officers getting fired for theft between 2003 and 2012, which the agency says is paltry when compared to all the officers it employs.

TSA screener arrested and fired, accused of stealing $36 [WSOC-TV]

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