Scope ‘Introduces’ Bacon Mouthwash With A Mint Finish Just Before April 1st

(Scope Facebook page)

(Scope Facebook page)

Do you know what’s wrong with the current oral hygiene products market? Not enough bacon. In what has got to be an early April Fool’s joke, Procter & Gamble has joined the global bacon obsession. Yesterday they announced a new flavor of Scope mouthwash flavored like the famed pork product. It tastes like bacon, but leaves your breath minty fresh. If that’s even possible, the existence of Scope Bacon is a disturbing bit of flavor chemistry and we have to try it right now.

Update: This was, as we reluctantly guessed, all an April Fool’s joke.

Procter & Gamble is being coy, and told CNBC’s Jane Wells that they’ll have more details for the public next week. You know, the business week that starts April 1st.

If it isn’t true, we guess we’ll have to console ourselves with our bacon condoms, sunscreen, sundaes, coffins, envelopes, air containers, lattes, personal lubricant, gum, soap, and shaving cream.

Scope Bacon [Official Site]

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