Missouri Legislator Pushing For Gluten-Free Shampoo Labels

I have a very good friend who figured out, by process of elimination, that she has a gluten intolerance. At first, it was tough — she suffered through a lot of bland, yucky and just bad-tasting products back in 2005 and became an excellent gluten-free chef in her own right because of it. Fast forward to now, and the food industry has caught on and made the world of gluten allergies a much friendlier place to eat in. One Missouri legislator wants to extend that trend to the cosmetic industry with a new bill.

Of course it’s potentially harmful for those with food allergies to ingest gluten, but what about rubbing it all over your scalp and body? That can be a risky experience as well, says the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Vicky Englund. She wants manufacturers and wholesalers of hygiene products like shampoo and conditioner to label whether the items contain gluten.

CBS St. Louis says she was moved to action after hearing from a constituent who is gluten intolerant.

“She got gluten out of her diet completely, but was still very ill and almost died,” Englund said. “By process of elimination and further research, she concluded that there was gluten in her shampoo.”

The existence of gluten in cosmetic products including lotions and shampoos is backed up by the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center as well as a study by George Washington University. That 2012 study found that people sensitive to gluten could react negatively to things like wheat germ oil, which is often used to produce naturally-derived Vitamin E.

It’s a booming market out there for gluten-free products, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Englund’s bill spreads nationwide if it’s successful in Missouri. It’s currently pending before the state’s House Health Care Policy Committee.

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