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The Best Cities For Gluten-Free Takeout Are… Kind Of Surprising, Actually

I’ve gotta say, at first, upon reading a headline about which cities in America are the most gluten-free-friendly for takeout orders, some of our nation’s biggest metropolises popped to mind. But upon perusing the list, there are quite a few somewhat surprising locales on the list, while other big diet-fad crazy cities are noticeably absent. [More]


Missouri Legislator Pushing For Gluten-Free Shampoo Labels

I have a very good friend who figured out, by process of elimination, that she has a gluten intolerance. At first, it was tough — she suffered through a lot of bland, yucky and just bad-tasting products back in 2005 and became an excellent gluten-free chef in her own right because of it. Fast forward to now, and the food industry has caught on and made the world of gluten allergies a much friendlier place to eat in. One Missouri legislator wants to extend that trend to the cosmetic industry with a new bill. [More]