More Reports Of Meanies Messing With Girl Scout Cookies Make Us Question Humanity

This year we’ve seen a rash of various mean person-on-Girl-Scout-cookie crime, from thievery to destruction by landfill.  And while on one hand we get it because they’re delicious so of course bad people want to steal them, on the other it’s like, don’t be so mean to the Girl Scouts. Maybe there’s something in the milk. Today’s entries in “Stop Being So Awful To The Girl Scouts” include wasteful vandals and a skateboarding thief.

First up comes a woeful tale out of Washington state, where vandals destroyed about $2,400 worth of cookies during what appears to be home break-in. Which means they didn’t even eat them. If you’re not going to dunk those Thin Mints in milk and hoard them for months in the freezer where they’re hidden from your roommate’s view, what’s the point? Just leave them be.

KOMO News reports that cops are looking for three burglars who trashed the garage of a Girl Scout leader, pouring paint, oil and detergent over cases of cookies and generally wreaking havoc.

“I woke up because I heard a really loud crash and I thought it was our cats knocking something off the counter downstairs,” she told the station, noting that she believes the perps were teenagers based on their clothing.

Only one of the 52 cases remained unharmed.

Meanwhile over in San Bernardino, Calif., hardworking Scouts were deprived of $550 in cookie sales when a skateboarding thief swiped a bag of cash in a ride-by robbery.

CBS L.A. says the local troop was left empty-handed after a youngster rode by their table after  day of sales at a grocery store, and simply grabbed the money. One of the girls reportedly chased after the thief and fell in the process. Which, come on, if your heartstrings aren’t tugged by that valiant effort, you have no soul.

It was all caught on the store’s surveillance camera, say cops. They’re investigating the crime.

Leave the Girl Scouts alone, people. There’s a proper way to go about getting your cookie fix and it doesn’t involve being an awful human being.

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