Lawyer Insists He’s Innocent Of Death Profiteering And Identity Theft, Wants New Trial

Hey, remember the Rhode Island lawyer who was charged with wire fraud and identity theft for using strangers’ deaths as an investment vehicle? As his sentencing date approaches, he’s filed papers to rescind his guilty plea and request a new trial. His guilty plea came with a maximum sentence of ten years in prison, but he maintains his innocence. His employee, who did the actual face-to-face recruitment of terminally ill patients and pleaded guilty to the same charges, has not requested a new trial.

Joseph Caramadre pleaded guilty on the fourth day of the trial, and claims that his wife’s mental breakdown after the second day affected his own mental state. He calls his defense “deficient.”

“Throughout the more than three and a half years before I pled guilty, I repeatedly professed my innocence, and remain innocent to this day,” he insists in an affidavit.

If a judge decides that a new trial isn’t necessary and that the plea deal stands, the sentencing hearing for both men will be held on March 29.

Lawyer in Insurance Fraud Case Asks to Rescind Guilty Plea [ProPublica]

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