This Waffle House Adds 20% Surcharge To Pay For Security

The Waffle House lists the 20% as a "property management surcharge."

The Waffle House lists the 20% as a “property management surcharge.”

Used to be, if a business wanted to spend money to bolster its security, it would have to eat that cost or pass it on to the customer in the form of higher prices. But one Atlanta Waffle House has decided to keep the menu prices the same, and just tack on a 20% surcharge to cover the extra security cost.

In spite of being within shouting distance of a police precinct, the Waffle House tells MyFoxAtlanta (via Eater) that it had to start taking on off-duty police officers to deal with the rowdy crowds that can sometimes gather at the Five Points location.

“I work night shift, so clubs, drunk people fighting all kinds of stuff,” says one waitress. “It’s kind of good they got police in there.”

She says that things have calmed down since the restaurant added security, but that the automatic surcharge is eating into the tips she takes home.

Waffle House says that other locations have hired security guards but the Five Points eatery is the first one to smother but the restaurant in Five Points is the only one to smother, cover, dice and top the customers with a 20% surcharge.

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