If You Really Loved Me, You’d Give Me Candy Shaped Like Your Face



Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and around the world, people are turning their thoughts toward love. Sweet, sweet delicious edible love shaped like someone’s head. Wait, what? No, the zombie epidemic isn’t finally upon us (yet), but technology has made it possible to ingest the chocolate facsimile of a loved one.

Two 3-D printing firms hosted an event recently in Japan for about 20 women where the female participants submitted to a full body scan, reports the BBC. That data was transferred to a computer where technicians used it to create 3-D images of the women’s faces and printed them out on a 3-D printer.

Pour a little liquid chocolate in the hollow silicone molds that results, let it cool and bam, you’ve got an edible, incredibly lifelike chocolate head.

We’re just dying to know:

Chocolate face sculptures created using 3D printing [BBC News]

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