UPDATE: Bank Says $1,400 In Counterfeit Bills Weren’t Counterfeit After All

Image courtesy of (WBZ-TV)

Yesterday, we told you about the Massachusetts man who withdrew $1,800 from Sovereign Bank, then took it over to pay his mortgage at Citizens Bank, only to have $1,400 of it confiscated for allegedly being counterfeit cash. Except it wasn’t.

This afternoon, a rep for Sovereign reached out to Consumerist to say that federal investigators had checked out the 14 $100 bills and verified that they were the real deal.

“Sovereign Bank is pleased that the situation is resolved for the customer and that the investigation showed that the currency given to [the customer] was in fact legal tender, not counterfeit,” says the rep.

Authorities confirmed this information to WBZ-TV in Boston, which originally reported the story. The man will be getting his money back from the Treasury Dept. inspectors if he hasn’t already.

Citizens Bank didn’t comment on the specifics of the story, but did tell WCVB-TV, “When the Secret Service confirms the authenticity of confiscated bills, we return the funds to customers as quickly as possible.”

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